Leonardo Miranda

"My interest on wooden headjoints is old, starting on the 90's. Since my first ebony wood headjoint, a canadian model construct by the flute maker Jean-Luc Boudreau (I already used 3 differents models), and having experimented a dozen of them, always looking for a more adequated model for my music pratice. From the fact of knowing Werlles de Paula from a very long time, I follow since the beggining their journey on the flute construction Universe in partnership with Abner Medina. Since the first's models that I experimented, they impressed me for their quality. Currently, I use a D' Paula Medina model construct on Pau-Brazil, that I believe is the best wooden headjoint that I ever used. Their main quality are the attack, particularly on the second and third Octaves its is very wide, their sound projection that is very impressive on the first Octave, their timbre possibilities that are very wide. I believe that this extraordinary result is due both to Abner's expertise in respecting the finer details of the drawings the duo devises, executing very well the projected ideas, and the luxury of relying on the virtuosity of Werlles, one of the best flutists I know, For a very fine quality control. From what I know of these two by their curiosity, creativity and competence, I believe they will still surprise me much more!"

Sérgio Morais

"I had the honor of following the research and development process of the D 'Paula Medina headjoint's. The headjoint's are made by a variety of woods that put different timbres, for excellent quality and finish and fair price compared to headjoints made outside of Brazil. The flute belongs to the family of wood, although today it is made of metal. The wooden headjoint's rescue part of the instrument, providing a softer but powerful sound! Safety and comfort to play are what I feel when I use the mouthpiece D Paula Medina"

Juliano de Arruda

"The first impression I had playing in a D 'Paula Medina headjoint was incredible. Fairly balanced, penetrating sonority with timbre, accurate in all notes without losing the pitch. A headjoint with great possibilities of a great performance. Can be used by all flautists, professionals or amateurs. Very Recommended!!!"

Lucas Martins

"For me, who have always been reluctant to use wooden headjoints, the surprise of experimenting the D 'Paula Medina ebony mouthpiece was enormous and very good! "In all three records, and A comfortable feeling due to the cut and the lip plate.A one of the most consistent headjoints I have tasted throughout my travels, I very recommend it!"

Dirceu Leite

""D 'Paula Medina' s headjoint's are endowed with the highest quality! Their sound is strong, noble, exuberant and of great amplitude, easy to play, gives the performer a unique security in the three octaves."